RCX Championship Format

2021 RCX Championship Race Format:

  • 1/10th Junior SCT
  • 1/18th Junior Mini T
  • 1/18th Mini T stock
  • 1/10th SCT
  • 1/8th Electric Buggy
  • 1/8th Sportsman Nitro Buggy
  • 1/8th Pro Nitro Buggy
  • 1/8th Nitro Truggy
  • Championship consists of 5 Rounds, best 4 race results to count for championship / one throw away.
  • Championship Tie Breaker points – IFMAR Scoring set up.
  • Bonus points: – 1 Bonus point for TQ, and 1 Bonus point for attending all 4 rounds.
  • Qualifying rounds duration for ALL classes will be 6 minutes.
  • Entry numbers dependant – at least two qualifying rounds with one to count for starting position.
  • All electric classes will a double 8-minute mains.  
  • Pro Nitro Buggy:  A-Mains–45min, B-Mains–30min, C-Mains -20min.
  • Sportsman Nitro Buggy: 20 mins
  • Nitro Truggy: A-Mains–45min, B-Mains–30min.
  • Entry dependent – 10 Qualify into Mains with 2 BUMP- UP positions from lower mains. (Less than 13 cars will qualify straight into main race, a single main race will be run.)
  • All Mains – Heads Up from the starting grid.

Combination of classes

In the event that there are not sufficient entries in any class it is the event directors call to combine the two classes in the same heat or race, if the classes are combined in a race the class results and championship points will NOT be affected.

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