Juniors Racing

Our Junior Classes are designed with the aim of attracting new people into the sport of Radio-Controlled Off-Road car racing.

The goal is to provide relaxed and fun classes in our racing series with a readily accessible path from the novice racer to fully-fledged experienced racers.

Our Rules focused on driver ability, fairness, and fun. 

The classes offer the opportunity to provide entry-level, cost-controlled racing that will ensure that the focus is on driver ability and education using well-proven, widely available kits that lend themselves to the beginner drivers.

The Junior Classes are intended to encourage young newcomers into the sport. Driver coaches and Technical Support will be on hand at the track in between races.


Junior Classes are open to Girls and Boys under the age of 15 Years.

The categories, Girls and Boys U10, and Girls and Boys U15.

Cars / Classes:

Junior Mini E, Losi Mini T, and Losi Mini B – Brushed versions, and OEM battery.

Junior SCT – 2 Wheel drive Short Coarse Truck , Max 2S battery, Brushed motors 12T, and 13.5 Brushless motors.

Cars , spares and parts are available to purchase at our track shop.

Check out our calendar for race dates!

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