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This Combo includes:
1x VS-B03
1x Tuned pipe VS Racing EFRA 2135
1x Manifold L50

The new and exclusive VS Racing VSB03 long stroke .21 off-road engine is based on the very powerful O.S. Speed 21XZ-B specII and is an extraction of the world famous OS Max precision and technology together with some additional ‘Rody’ touch and development, equipped with a VS Spec combustion chamber with o-ring to protect this area from dirt, a 5-port sleeve and additional DLC coating on the whole crankshaft.

The VS Racing VSB03 is suited for high competition 1/8scale off-road racing.
This engine is intended for “EXPIERIENCED” users.


Long Stroke
Unique and Specific 5-Ports design
CNC machined flat piston
14mm turbo crankshaft, balanced, lightened and silicone paste,DLC,’Rody’
Competition Conrod
Turbo combustion chamber VS Spec.
14mm high-speed main bearing
7mm high-speed front bearing with rubber protection
VS Spec. lightweight cooling head
VS Spec. Underhead and additional o-ring
VS Spec. Crankcase
VS spec. aluminum lightweight slide carburettor with double adjustment
6.5mm aluminum restrictor
This engine is developed to find the best balance between performances/relaiability and costs.


Type : Off-Road
Contents : .21(3.49cc)
Bore : 16.27mm
Stroke : 16.80mm
Crankshaft : 14mm SG/SPT (buggy) DLC
Main-Bearing : 14mm HighSpeed
Front-Bearing : 7mm HighSpeed
Cylinder : ABC
Ports Intake : 5
Exhaust Port : 1
Carburator : Neck 15mm VS Spec.
Cooling-Head : Light Off-Road
Underhead : VS Spec for conical(Turbo) glowplug.
RMP : Max Power @ 30K RPM (4-40K RPM range)
Weight : 355Gr

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