Sneak peak of the new facilities

Some great progress has been made on the construction of the Zwartkops RC-X raceway. Herewith some pictures of the new facilities. Enjoy!

Construction of the Zwartkops RC-X Raceway

Current info on Zwarkops RC-X is as follows: the track construction has started. The website will be up and running with online membership and entry forms, all details will be on the website with that regard. The website should be live in January. The track will be ready for the opening event TBC in February 2019, nobody will have access to drive or test before that. Very short period of time to put a facility like this together, please allow us the time to prepare it.

More info on the new exciting race format, classes and events will be shared right here.

If there are any other questions, please WhatsApp me and I will reply as soon as I can. (see contact details on the contact page)

Thanks guys! See you all soon may Santa spoil you all for the new season!