Track & Driver Rules

Zwartkops RCX  – Zero Tolerance Policy!

  • All participants, Crew, family, friends spectators and supporters will firstly abide by the Zwartkops Raceway rules!
  • Certain Ifmar/Sarda rules may be enforced at the discretion of the Zwartkops RC-X Race Director
  • This IS a family friendly Track and environment, please respect that.
  • There will be no fighting, No use of foul language, arguing with track officials and fellow competitors.
  • No unsportsmanlike conduct, shouting or swearing at marshals.
  • If anyone is caught conducting any of the above mentioned, or is associated with these activities, you will be asked to leave the premises immediately. (You will also forfeit your entry fee and any other fees paid.)
  • Drivers to sign the drivers register on arrival Before driving on the track. This is not negotiable for all drivers!
  • Please make use of the dirt bins in the pit area and keep your area clean at all times
  • All Track shop tabs need to be settled and paid in full before leaving the track


Basic Rules – NOT Event Specific Rules –

Drivers Rules

  1. Drivers to respect each other and everyone around them including the marshals at all times, be it on the track racing or in the pit areas.
  2. No driving up the wrong way of the pit-lane.
  3. Drivers to ensure their pit crew stand in the marked pit box that corresponds with driver position.
  4. Class rules may apply at selected events, please ensure you are prepared for this at these events. (ref: IFMAR, SARDA rules)
  5. Drivers are responsible for the behavior of their pit crew; it is the driver’s responsibility to ensure the pit crew are aware of the pit lane rules.
  6. Any drivers guilty of un – sportsman like behavior will be penalized and on repeat offences be asked to leave the premises.
Drivers to respect each-other and stand in marked boxes. – Ensure Pit Crew stand in corresponding pit box.

Pit Lane / Pit Crew

  1. A Maximum of ONE pit crew member per driver permitted in the pitlane.
  2. The pit crew WILL stand in the number box clearly marked in the pitlane that matches the driver position on the stand. ie if the driver you are pitting for is standing in position 4 on the drivers stand the pit crew must stand in pit box 4 in the pitlane. NOT NEGOTIABLE.
  3. Pit crew to remove all items as soon as your driver has completed their race.
  4. NO pit equipment will be taken into the pit lane until the pit crew in the box have left and removed all their items.
  5. ALL pit crew to stand behind the YELLOW line in your numbered PITBOX – UNLESS you are busy on the car/ refiling or repairing at the time. Stand back and afford all crew the same opportunity to see their drivers come in the pit lane.
  6. Driver penalties will be issued for any pit crew found not adhering to these rules.
Marked Pit-lane Boxes – Pit Crew stand behind the yellow line unless refueling or fixing their drivers car.

Pit Area

  1. Drivers pre book tables that we have available for the events, the charge for table and chair is R75 for the event, this is for one table and one chair. Pit area layout available on the website, Bookings are on first come first serve basis. Please note we currently only have ONE table and limited under cover area per driver available at this stage please pack accordingly.
  2. Plug points available please bring your own extensions and multi plugs.
  3. Limited PIT Mats available, if you are renting a table please make sure you use a pit mat on the table.
  4. Lipo batteries must be charged in safe lipo bags.
  5. Keep your pit areas clean and safe at all times, rubbish bins provided.


All vehicles MUST be parked in the parking area, (This is outside our track gate.)  Please do not park any vehicles inside


Sale of products by any importer/ reseller / online store is strictly prohibited at the track without prior consent or valid vendor permit issued by Zwartkops RCX. – to apply for vendor permit please email

Zwartkops RC-X and its officials have reserved the right to amend, modify and/or change any of the rules, terms and/or conditions at any time without prior notice. By participating in our event(s)/practices you are adhering to these terms.

Right of Admission Reserved

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